on to the next

so oxegen is over… it’s not really, there are a few hours to go, but it seems everyone i know who’s gone down has come home early due to bad weather/performances/behaviour by fellow campers. hate to say i told you so. i still wonder if eminem will really perform tonight. time will tell. jay-z apparently put on a great show, which is a further slap in the face for all the nay-sayers who said rap didn’t “work” at “rock” festivals. it’s all music. it’s all love.

for now, i’m getting to work at getting familiar with the acts i want to see (and haven’t heard of) who are playing pukkelpop. after my sabbatical last year i’m psyched to get back to hasselt this summer. though having seen the recently released day/stage breakdowns i’m already certain i’ll have to miss a good few acts. as a wise man once said, and i’m pretty certain i’ve said this here before, only shit festivals don’t have clashes.

but all this is a month away. for now, i’m excited to get out of the country again, as i head to manchester this week for my other half’s graduation. while over there i’ll be loading up on goodies from fopp, piccadilly records and vinyl exchange, which, over the past two years, has become my favourite shop in the world. psyched! thank god i’m not flying ryanair this time…


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