new stuff from me

i’ve been busy with music new and old lately, and i’ve put a few mixes together. the most recent was for sidetracked, that ever-so-groovy friday night dealio in the chocolate bar in dublin. it’s a game of two halves, as i start off with some more groovy stuff like holmes price‘s unbelievably good cover of the juan maclean‘s human disaster and the classic shep pettibone remix of new order’s true faith. then it goes a bit garagey, with some mj cole and todd edwards, before a deep and slightly irreverent finale thanks to carl craig, and his relentless desire for chicken noodle soup. i’ll be playing sidetracked from 2 next friday, so come along and wave/say hi/boogie.

after a lengthy hiatus myself, quigo and dave parle got back into the studio for the next instalment of transmission radio. we talked vuvuzelas, christina milian and mcs at sonar. we also played some great tunes.

speaking of transmission, make sure you stick your head in for our next guest, foamo, on july 17. last time he played he tore the place apart, and his star has only risen since then. we also have support from kildare upstarts two charming men. not to be missed. if you’re interested in what the residents are playing, check out this chart, as put together by new daddy dave salacious.

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