so everyone’s going to oxegen. and why wouldn’t they? it’s one of the best festivals in europe isn’t it? sorry, europe’s greatest music festival. according to its own website. and websites don’t lie, do they? to be fair, it is a pretty stellar lineup. as far as popular music goes, it can’t really be beat. and it’s even got some serious outsider cred going on, booking the likes of jackmaster, popof, louis la roche and villa. there’s just something sterile about it all. i duno. i don’t want to go on a rant here… i could, but i won’t. i’ll be at home this weekend – working till midnight tomorrow, checking out a wedding band on saturday and working again on sunday. i’ll have an eye on the world cup final but to be honest i’m not mad on either team. so instead i’ll be buried on headlines.

i’m back in for some evening shifts next week, so i’ll be spending my mornings rooting through blogs and forums looking for new tunes. i might also write a little bit more on here. writing is fun. having spent a lot of the last week subbing features about different books and authors, i find myself constantly reminded that i don’t engage in any creative writing. i guess it’s the same as the fact that i don’t make any tunes. it’s a sad fact that inspiration eludes me on a daily basis. as a sub and a dj, it’s fair to say that i spend most of my time messing around with other people’s work. which is kind of unfortunate, if not a little bit parasitic.

speaking of other people’s stuff, check out the latest entries to the rub‘s history of hip-hop series. while i’ve been slaving over my own retrospective mixes, ayres, cosmo and dj eleven have been returning to their own aural version of reeling in the years. only with three of them, they’re getting through it all a lot faster than i ever could. and, needless to say, theirs are a lot better. ho-hum. 2005, 2004, 2003, 2002 and 2001 have all gone up in the last fortnight or so.

screendeath is a young lad from northern ireland who’s been chipping away, making tunes over the last year. packback has received support from foamo and fake blood among others, and he’s just put up a preview of his latest effort, terminals. it sounds like a sort of nightmare carnival ride. not unlike what the carnival entertainment at oxegen will sound like late at night. full circle folks!


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