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the end of the world is bigger than love

jens lekman’s short performance at the 2006 pitchfork festival was one of the most charming i’ve ever seen. his intriguing take on life and love was particularly welcome, especially given my general distaste for twee indie and soporific singer-songwriters. his second album the following year (great as it as, oh you’re so silent jens is really a singles collection), night falls over kortedala, was a delight, as he finally committed to record a postcard to nina. it had been a highlight of the aforementioned festival, and i was relieved that i didn’t have to keep rabbiting on about this great song he did at pitchfork, man. though it does suffer ever so slightly without his on-stage commentary. in december of that year he came to ireland, performing at whelan’s with just one of his troupe of attractive blonde ladies. since he was in town for gigs the night before and after, one owen pallett joined the two for one song – i believe it was maple leaves.
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the wrath of god

last night i watched the 1972 film aguirre, der zorn gottes. it had been lent to me some in late 2008 by a friend in the north of england. i watched about half of it one night but then received a phone call from my mother. being lazy i didn’t get back to it that night. being even lazier again, i never got to watch it before leaving england, and so the dvd was returned to its owner. last week i finally picked up the herzog/kinski boxset, and last night aguirre got its due attention.

for a nearly-40-year-old film, there’s not much i can say that hasn’t been said already. i’m guessing. there i was thinking about its similarity to apocalypse now – this is mentioned in the opening blurb on wiki. so i’m hardly bringing any fresh analysis to the table. but that doesn’t mean the film doesn’t warrant fresh praise.
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july’s almost over

but we still have time for some more july mixes. those ruddy shadow dancer folks have been pretty mix happy lately, and the latest one looks, well, i don’t know, i am alarmingly unfamiliar with most of the tunes thereon. but these lads have taste, so you can trust it’ll be a bit good.

NT89 & SAVILE // Comb
HERMAN // April Skies
MATT WALSH // Honey Comb (MIKE MIND Remix)
HOUSE // House Is House
ROMAN FLUGEL // Brian Le Bon
MARTYN // Miniluv
CHICAGO SKYWAY // Heavens & Angels (Mix 6) // Snakes Cave
JIN CHOI // Dig Your Own Out
SILENT SERVANT // Sampler SIlent Servant (REGIS Edit)
D’FUNK // It Happens (BOB SWANS Remix)
ROB ACID // Acidwave
REFERENCE // Best Day In Detroit
AUX 88 // Voice Modulation (ANTHONY ROTHER Remix)

mr. meeble

mr. meeble is a parisian trio that was formed when devin fleenor, blain litzke and michael plaster met at the french space agency, cnes. the act’s name came from an accidental sound created from styrofoam. their sound is reminiscent of earlier acts – put simply, they sound like what would happen if the lads from boards of canada and the album leaf‘s jimmy lavalle hooked up and made sweet music. but to lump them into such hypothetical classifications is to do them a disservice. their sound is quite unique, conjuring up a melancholic world of dreams and longing, while undermining any inherent sweetness by making use of a host of furious basslines and heavy distortion. again, given the “d” word is now so heavily associated with a particular musical sphere, this is not to be confused with the world of justice and their many successors and imitators.

in short, this is definitely headphone music.

they’ve just released a free track, the appropriately named gift. this follows their 2008 album never trust the chinese, a gorgeous album deceptively dressed in a nightmarish, blood-splattered cover. gift is a track about the pain of love and the difficulty of change, defined by shifts in time signature, the slow build-and-destroy from epic, single-line guitar themes to miniscule glitches and bleeps. it may or may not be on mr. meeble’s second album.

Mr. Meeble – Gift (direct link)

Mr. Meeble on YouTube / Twitter / Facebook

double-take worthy

Burlesque remembers the days when rap videos censored out big corporate logos. Now YOU can feel like a rap star with your own pixelated N*KE shirt! The printed effect looks awesome and really bugs your eyes it in real life (definitely double-take worthy). Standard fit, printed on 100% cotton shirts.

all my haterz (can’t get past that)

i’ve been feeling pretty nostalgic lately, i made two very silly purchases on my travels last week – i got this for the darkest and least-trancey remix i ever heard from ferry corsten, and this. i even played modjo last friday night! so i’m in the mood for those fun tunes that make you dance but also bring a smile to your face as you think back to earlier times. so i love this new track from dj tuco under the jonny local alter ego. he’s chopped up nelly’s ride wit me (ay, must be the mon-ay!) as a quirky but not totally gimmicky addition to your summer sets. while you’re smirking at this, go check out his disco kicks.

pigeon hole

i’ve just come across pigeon hole, a canadian hip-hop act who’ve just put out their album age like astronauts. the act consists of dusty melo and marmalade, who met in nanaimo, british columbia. having formed a vancouver super-group called the sweatshop union in the early 00s, they’ve been around for a while. they’ve shared stages with snoop, j5, talib kweli and the roots, and have been nominated for the prestigious juno award on several occasions.

what’s exciting is the video for bonfire, a psych-weirdout trip on a pacific beach with a hot chick and a dancing spaceman. the track itself sounds just like you’d imagine, or as marmalade calls it, “boombap-psych rap, maybe?” check the video here and go buy the album on bandcamp.

rip le principle

it’s with some sadness that, after a year of great tunes, the guys from le principle are going their separate ways. garrett is to move on as adulture, while josh is to make music as charlie church. the good folk at solid bump have kicked off the wake by sending out the duo’s last track together, blue love. it’s a lot of fun, as a jacking replayed sample is surrounded by dancing synths, pummelling hi-hats and excitable “woo!” chants. one can only hope that, as with the recent split of aeroplane, the two will double their output without any loss of quality.


adulture’s paper cat, with ocd automatic, is out on solid bump this july 27, with remixes from sammy bananas, bit funk, and the phantom’s revenge, while charlie church’s girl came out on one for all records last month.

bright like neon love

the sun is shining again and i’m pretty excited about seeing cut copy tonight. my gig going has been cut dramatically lately, i guess partly from a lack of interest and an overwhelming weariness (everything’s cool though), as well as, you know, life getting in the way. this, however, is a bit special. they’ve got a great write-up in today’s metro from eamon de paor.


is how i’ve been feeling lately. maybe i need some direction. and oh look! this popped in my door today!

this is in the o2 ad and it’s quite beautiful.