nouveaunoise album launch

normally, album launches are the stuff of the supposed elite – invite-only affairs you hear about only after the event. not so with irish duo nouveaunoise. no sir (or madam), you can attend this night of “buggy buggy, funky jazz breakin beats, lush synths, and cheap drinks” for the measly sum of five euro dollars. i wrote about this act back in march, and after the initial rush of their two-track ep i’m excited to hear what’s in store with their album. on friday they’ll be giving a one-off live performance with full band, something that, apparently, won’t happen again this year. despite what the poster says, it all takes place in the academy on middle abbey street. the album, paraphrase accolade, will be available on the night and subsequently in shops nationwide. one assumes.

2 responses to “nouveaunoise album launch

  1. Album is brilliant. Looking forward to this.

  2. This should be a great night!

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