Daily Archives: 03/06/2010

what the dickens…

so i went to hmv on henry street during my break to pick up the new trentemøller album, into the great wide yonder (though that just makes me think of tom petty…). they’ve really changed things up in there – no more music downstairs! i remember a time when a whole side of the room was hip-hop – then it became a section, then a smaller section and so forth over the years. now it’s all games and ayyyyyyyyo, technology down there, and hip-hop and dance have tiny units on the ground floor. such progress, huh.

what actually struck me first as i walked in today, however, was that the five-disc edition of blade runner (albeit without the metal box and, probably, hologram) is now on sale for €6.99. SIX NINETY NINE. that’s just crazy. i was given a gift of the metal one a few years ago and can’t even imagine how much that cost.

i couldn’t help but have a glance at the latest crystal swing release – it’s got dance remixes and all. micky modelle anyone? lord help us.

the final straw though – that made me think “hang on, wasn’t this originally a music shop?” – was the fact that they now sell chocolate bars – mars bars and snacks and i don’t know what else – at the till.


Trentemøller – Sycamore Feeling (Trentemøller Remix Edit) (via Rcrd Lbl)

fire walk with me

isn’t this artwork mad cool.