real talk

so it seems that more people read or enjoy (ok maybe just read) this blog when i’m not just blathering on about music. so i figured i may as well start writing something that’s, potentially, of interest to someone other than myself.

i think i’m paranoid. i realised this last night as i walked home from work. walking along moore street, together with a large crowd of young drinkers (where the hell were they going on a tuesday night?!), i noticed a guy and a girl walking apart from the group on the opposite pavement. i tend to walk quickly anyway, but drunken crowds make me wary at the best of times, so i sped along ahead of them. then i heard a crash, as if someone had been pushed into the shutters of a shop closed for the night. i assume the guy has pushed the girl against them. i look back – he has his arm around her and they merely stumbled against the door. why did i fear the worst?

moments later, as i walked past the gpo (or general post office, pictured above), i noticed a man standing looking in at the statue in the front and centre of the building – this i realised after i had jumped to the horrific conclusion that he was taking a piss in the window. way to have faith in humanity.

why am i noticing all of this? is that i’m living and working in the city? i know soon after i moved “down town” i saw a bin bag across the street and assumed it was a bum… or is it just a general world-weariness and disillusionment with everything around me? is it my job, as i discussed with someone last night, “in the media”? who knows. anyway, i’m only 25, so i’m hoping i can muster some sort of enthusiasm and general joyousness about something in the near future….

R Kelly – Real Talk (Jukin’ Mix)


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