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your ‘all you ever talk about’

last week i waxed lyrical about the-dream’s yamaha. the album dropped, and it’s so good. i can’t say i’m down with his overall message (the most arrogant artist since kanye? damn sure giving him a run for his money), but it all sounds so good that it’s hard to hate. my boy adnans put me on to this video, which takes you from the effusive joy of yamaha to the scornful contempt of abyss.

nouveaunoise album launch

normally, album launches are the stuff of the supposed elite – invite-only affairs you hear about only after the event. not so with irish duo nouveaunoise. no sir (or madam), you can attend this night of “buggy buggy, funky jazz breakin beats, lush synths, and cheap drinks” for the measly sum of five euro dollars. i wrote about this act back in march, and after the initial rush of their two-track ep i’m excited to hear what’s in store with their album. on friday they’ll be giving a one-off live performance with full band, something that, apparently, won’t happen again this year. despite what the poster says, it all takes place in the academy on middle abbey street. the album, paraphrase accolade, will be available on the night and subsequently in shops nationwide. one assumes.


vrooom on a yamaha…

i haven’t really listened to the-dream much lately (bar that AMAZING u-tern blend of walking on the moon and kris menace’s lightning) but this new track means i’m pretty psyched for love king, due out this week. so dramatic, so singable, so much fun. beats are crazy. also it’s kind of appropriate that i listen to (and post) this just as japan go two up with two cracking free kicks. YAMAHA!

ps yeah i robbed this from p4k, but gotta spread the love you know.


what’s that buzzing sound?

you must be living under a rock if you don’t know what a vuvuzela is. a week into the world cup, they’ve generated more discussion than the football itself. even non-football fans are ranting about them, calling for them to be banned or joining hilarious facebook groups somehow vuvu-related. there’s been a lot of talk hovering across the internet suggesting that the vuvu drone should be sampled, and this is the first one i’ve come across.

it was put together by ghostdad, of the fully fitted fam, and it’s suitably frenetic and exciting. there’s even a crying baby in there, no doubt aggravated by the incessant sound of the horn. for what it’s worth, i think they add some colour to the games, though i just can’t be certain if i can hear them deep in my mind late at night as i lie awake in fear…..

Vuvuzela Beat by Ghostdad

in other news, check out this new track da bee by polish upstar deCtar. it’s described by its creator as “Annoying piece of shit”, but i think its use of that whining bee sound is interesting, inventive and lots of fun. check it out.

deCtar – Da bee by deCtar


even with the world cup being on i’ve been super busy the past few days. i’ve got a load of great stuff to blog as soon as i grab a few minutes, but this just jumped straight to the top of the pile. i’ve been waiting for eli escobar’s contribution to the white light mix series for a minute, and now, it’s finally arrived. ever one to keep us on our toes, he’s declined to provide a tracklist. that dude. i can’t wait to get home and listen to this while watching rsa vs uru (i only deal in abbrvs).

“I don’t like to talk about anything I do too much but I will say I tried to create a mood of some kind with this mix. Music that would sound pleasing on the road, early in the morning I suppose. I don’t have a driver’s license but if I did I would listen to this kinda stuff in the car. I didn’t put a track list because I really appreciate the element of surprise and I think it makes the listening experience a lot more rewarding.”


01 – Artist – Track Name
02 – Artist – Track Name
03 – Artist – Track Name
04 – Artist – Track Name
05 – Artist – Track Name
06 – Artist – Track Name
07 – Artist – Track Name
08 – Artist – Track Name
09 – Artist – Track Name
10 – Artist – Track Name
11 – Artist – Track Name
12 – Artist – Track Name
13 – Artist – Track Name
14 – Artist – Track Name
15 – Artist – Track Name
16 – Artist – Track Name

excuse me

so the world cup is on. apologies if i’m a bit quiet over the next while…

anywhere but here

heaps decent, that australian initiative put together to help underprivileged local kids learn how to make music, has just come up with a new goodie. produced by a-trak, it’s a grinding hip-hop beat with raps about the monotony and loneliness of time spent behind bars. it’s a free download, but you can make a donation to heaps decent here. there’s also more info on the track on the group’s website.

Heaps Decent feat MC Huz & The Riverina Crew – Anywhere But Here (Produced by A-Trak) by Heaps Decent

a bundle of contradictions

last month i picked up the 33rd contribution to the dj-kicks mix series, put together by one of my favourite artists, the juan maclean. on the nifty microsite they have a cool interview with mr juan himself. i like that a dubliner (shit robot) gets a mention. i also had the feels so good vinyl bought for me in london at the weekend, complete with florian meindl remix. haven’t got around to ripping it yet though, lazy innit. in the meantime i’m dying to hear this new james holden mixtriangle folds is a beaut…

The Juan MacLean – Feels So Good (DJ-KiCKS)