lusty beats

awwwwww yeah. more solid bump. damn. their run of absolutely ace releases continues with meroz’s lust/trump/grit ep. all three tracks are exciting disco house jams, conjuring the ghost of thomas bangalter as the SB boys put it. they’ve got that repetitive-but-not-irritating thing down, replaying simple samples and layering them with nice licks and varying percussion, synths and
themes. we’ve even got some explosions to enjoy on lust and grit. what’s really cool is that in trump there’s this distorted raekwon sample, where he’s talking about “spine-tingling, bust-yo-shit-open beats” – exactly what we have here – that comes from the into to skew it on the bar-b on aquemini, or should i say the outro to rosa parks, which i played last night. how and ever… then we have the dark and pumping gingy & bordello remix of lust, moody and housey, and with these mad stabs which recall that monstrous chems remix of fatboy slim. you can hear a clip below, as well as grabbing a 192 dl of trump.

really doe, you need to pick up the release at beatport, iTunes and turntable lab. pleasure and pressure 2 is ridin’ dirty at number FIVE in the all-time charts on ttl, let’s get this up there too people. solid bump, running tings in oh-10…

Meroz – Trump (192 Free Download) by Solid Bump Records

Meroz – Lust (Gingy & Bordello Remix) *CLIP* by Solid Bump Records


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