some animal remixes

synchronicity eh. i got a remix of theo by apples in my inbox today, by an act called zntn. it sounds ace – it’s got a really nice early 90s-type kick that reminds of halcyon, and i think it’s the sort of thing i want to play on the transmission radio show. then i see alex from skull juice retweet goncaloZNTN saying something about another of dude’s remixes. sweet. i had a listen, and like the other, it’s fantastic. it’s a lovely post-punk edit of the diagram brothers. even better, both tracks are on soundcloud. i had a look at his facebook page, and i noticed one friend likes this – tim from the filthy dukes. if that’s not a worthy endorsement, what is?

Apples – theo (ZNTN remix) by ZNTN

Diagram Brothers – We Are All Animals (ZNTN edit) by ZNTN


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