friday gear

fun stuff! things about which to be happy! i never buy any of these tees, but they’re damn cool. and it’s nice to know people out there are making cool tees that don’t just look like everything else – sure, you can buy a marvel tee in pull and bear, or bershka, or even dunnes, but check this out…

and while you’re at it, have a look at this better version of all those scratch/twist/boogie retro type tees you see everywhere.

and while we’re on a lab buzz, go get the morvern callar soundtrack. i read an amazon review (or was it robbed from allmusic?) which pointed out her dude’s lack of sanity which was clear from how he put everything you do is a balloon at the start of a mixtape… what bugged me in the film was how you hear a teeny bit of the intro, and then she stops it! clearly morvern is nuts too…

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