record store day 2010

hmm, well, this isn’t exactly going to be the celebratory eulogy you might expect, but that may just be because i’m weird. i got up pretty late, did some cleaning, watched united very luckily beat city. then i headed off into the dublin sunshine, in the hope of picking up some cool limited edition records. no such luck. it’s not that there wasn’t anything on offer, just nothing to my taste. i head tell of a special gang gang dance release, but alas i couldn’t put my hand to it. furthermore, with the album release a few weeks away, i couldn’t justify spending eight whole euro on a single-sided lcd soundystem 12″ that featured one track from that album. sorry james, i’m just not that lavish. there were weird 45s from hot chip and bat for lashes, among others, but they didn’t quite grab me. the only purchases i ended up making in dublin’s tower records were the juan maclean’s first album less than human, and the latest fabriclive mix from “the” duke dumont.

what bugged me most about record store day, however, was the very event itself. i spend a lot of time in record stores, be they chains or independents. i’d say i’m in there maybe four or five times a week. for me, browsing records is a very personal experience. i suppose that relates to the way i listen to music. other than when i’m djing to a room full of people, i’m a very selfish listener. i listen to music for me. so when i go record shopping, it’s a solitary experience, you know, i’m buying records for me and so on. today in tower there were a series of in-store performances which drew a big crowd. in theory this should be good for the shop – people who might not normally visit come along and, hopefully, buy something, bingo. but i don’t know if that happened today. it almost seemed that people who were actually in the shop to look at *shock horror* cds were in the minority. i certainly found it very uncomfortable, but maybe that’s just me. as for road records, i couldn’t even get in the door. great. no purchase there.

i concede that this is all the rambling of a grumpy cynic who hates people, but hey, i genuinely left the house with the intention of spending money today. i did, but it was only a fraction of what it could have been. hey, at least i’ll keep spending money as the days and months roll on…


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