yup, that’s me. it seems like whenever i have any time off my blogging gets left by the wayside. over the weekend i got up to a lot of nothing, as well as attending the gigs i had rambled on about last week. nothing mind-blowing, but solid. sinden played this ace remix of hyph mngo mixed with money to blow which is available at palms out sounds, as well as a wicked reworking of ginuwine’s pony by débruit. wicked i say.

i have actually got some new music to talk about, which is cool. first off is a track from john howes, who’s a young guy making a variety of different sounds – his latest effort is a remix of a track by someone called khan, who sings about a candy girl over a bassline that’s very reminiscent of feist’s my moon my man. john’s taken this bass and jacked it up a little bit with lovely little kick fills, and synths as warm as a summer’s day. which is perfect, as this track will hopefully find its way into disco-infused sets all summer long. about half-way through everything just drops off and these synths drift slowly back in. lovely.

Candygirl (John Howes Remix) [FULL VERSION 320] by John Howes

next up is some snarling techy angry business from producer/dj/suicide girl odissi. dirty secrets is her latest release on lot49, home to the likes of meat katie, lee coombs and dylan rhymes (on a breaks tip – has anyone else noticed evil nine’s crooked on tv ads lately?). it’s got a rolling bassline, over which she utters dark ramblings and screams, with “a poetic description of Soho’s vibrant red light district, transvestites, gay bars and seedy brothels”. even tougher and breaks-ier remixes come from hedflux and dyno. you can listen to the tracks here, and we’ve also got a showcase mix from the gyal at sxsw on st patrick’s day. think mnml-meets-tech-meets-breaks-meets-house-meets-sex. that just about sums it up, in the loosest possible sense.

finally, in an ode to this entry’s title, have a listen to this old favourite, as featured on dave seaman’s cape town gu and sasha and digweed’s communicate. not quite sure what to make of the background image…


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