post 300. wonder if i can get in another 65 in the next week or so to hit one a day… somehow i doubt it. i’m shocked i’ve even hit 300 already. anyway. for this epic post i’ve something a bit interesting. i first heard of aman ellis through almamy, who i recently interviewed. the two apparently are working together on something so that will definitely be something to look out for.

his all the things ep came out last month and it’s got a spacey theme in more than just its sonic direction. with track titles like dawn on the red planet, five days til jupiter and in tune with neptune, it’s sure where his mind is. opener all the things is a dreamy affair, as he sings over a synth line that’s wobbly without being heavy. five days… is mournful and a little bit angry, as a simple four-note phrase is built up and up, surrounded by cascading melodies and space-like sounds. i’m torn between dawn… and neptune when trying to pick a favourite. both are beautiful instrumental affairs, with lovely kicks, swirling effects and trippy synth lines over choppy bass.

it’s available on itunes and beatport, while extra new music has a link to a mix full of the likes of booka shade and gui boratto.

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