pleasure and pressure

damn. i’m literally about to head out the door to play at the good bits, but i’ve been inundated with great new music today. none better than the latest from solid bump. it’s called pleasure and pressure vol 2 and it’s got tracks from the whole roster – mykill, laberge, le principle, meroz and, of course, white girl lust. all the tracks are in that great chunky disco sound they’re known for, each one indicative of that artist’s personality. laberge rocking the chipmunk sound, wgl with chopped up horns and sexy female vocals, le principle using some lovely filtered guitar licks, while mykill throws in 70s strings, percussion and vocals, and meroz closes proceedings with a dark and mumbly drone that’s almost like a moodier version of music sounds better with you.

as well as all this there is, as usual, some free goodness, with mykill’s flashback available for download from soundcloud. it makes great use of that back to my roots sample, so it’s appropriately named too.

go cop the ep on itunes, beatport or ttl. do it.

Mykill – Flashback (Free Download for Pleasure & Pressure Vol.2) by Solid Bump Records


3 responses to “pleasure and pressure

  1. Haha Laberge’s signature sound is the ‘chipmunk sound’ – I prefer thinking that electric piano/organ sound (ala Funk Music, We Don’t Know) would be his defining sound.

    Have you heard P&P volume 1? Blew me away – didn’t think volume 2 would compare much… still yet to decide unfortunately. I think it’s just because i went apeshit mental fanboy over volume 1.

  2. you’re right, i guess limiting him to that would be to do him a disservice. that said, i wrote this quickly and just wanted to show some love.

    as for p&p 1, i’ve just heard funk music. must rectify that…

  3. Haha don’t worry I wasn’t having a go 😛
    The chip munk vocal IS a signature sound of his, but definitely prefer the piano sound haha… fuck’n chip munks.

    Yeh do grab a copy of volume 1 – literally all 4 tracks are played in almost every set of mine

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