get: nautica. get:comfy

i’ll keep this snappy. tomorrow i’m going to see panda bear. this is kind of a big deal. for some reason i never really got animal collective (cue “omg a blogger doesn’t like animal collective” response) until i heard mpp, and that was largely due to 2007’s person pitch. i went to an ac gig in november 2007 with a long-time ac-olyte, in fact the very guy who first brought them to my attention. i had been listening to person pitch at that stage for about six months, along with the boards of canada discography and just another diamond day it was the soundtrack to the writing of my dissertation. that night, for several reasons (something to do with a drive across wales in a bus with no windscreen) some of the group’s members were quite sick and couldn’t perform, so half of the gig was a panda bear show. some were frustrated by this, but i was mesmerised. having been at a teen-populated bloc party gig the night before, the quiet admiration and confusion in the crowd was palpable.

i can only hope that tomorrow night’s gig is as interesting. i think it will be.


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