ceol nua

i’m kind of in a rut musically right now – the problem with semi-regular djing is that it’s rare that i’ll listen to anything unless i have it in mind to play out. so it’s nice when i’m put on to something that i can just listen to without thinking “what will go with this?” all the way through. it’s also nice when i hear irish music that i actually like – alas this is rarer than you might think.

nouveaunoise are an irish duo who deal in skipping, shuffling beats over simply plucked guitar melodies and chopped up slices of audio heaven. it’s perfect music for the weather we have right now that’s just on the cusp of sunshine but still has a threat of dark clouds – at once hopeful and forebearing.

the double-a side, goni/cinnte, is available to download in a host of formats from bandcamp, and paraphrase accolade is due in may. as they say themselves, “keep ears peeled for our peals!”

Nouveaunoise – Goni/Cinnte

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