days off

…invariably end up being spent half in bed and half on the computer, especially when there are a million things to do. last night i played at krash again, though it wasn’t the best night, so i won’t go into it. though i will say that going back to back for a whole set was fun.

tonight i’m playing at sidetracked, which i’m really looking forward to, and after that i’m thinking about heading in to tripod to see sharam. i know he won’t exactly feature on most people’s lists of must-sees right now – although you should bear in mind that his essential mix was voted the best of last year. more importantly, he is (or was i guess) half of deep dish. i think they first really attracted my attention when muzik magazine (rip) carried an interview with them in june 2001 and put the following quote on the cover: “hard house is shit.”

somehow i managed never to see them at their peak, or even slightly after their peak, but these two guys were quite a big presence in my mid-teen obsession with prog house. last night i played hideaway out for the first time to an empty floor, and, hey, two people came along and starting break-dancing and whatnot. so even though it’s not going to be the life-defining set it would have been say, nine years ago, it’s still something i’m keen on experiencing.

i won’t hear any of this tonight, but i might play it at sidetracked.


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