ehm oh ei

every now and then i find something floating around online that makes me go hmm, and this week it’s a track by a guy called mr knall peng. i don’t really know anything about him, except for the following:

mr knall peng is good.
mr knall peng likes music.
mr knall peng is friend.
mr knall peng is dj.
mr knall peng likes beer.
mr knall peng wants good party.

he’s got a free ep on his myspace called jaja, but what caught my attention was ehm oh ei. a repeated whine, a kicking african-style beat with a hint of some marimba-esque riddims, it all gets taken forward by a snarling squelchy thrust. about three minutes in there’s a horror film type breakdown that’s almost reminiscent of psycho. not even in a derivative way, but it’s something that gives the track even more depth. let it darken up your friday.


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