more than the sum of its parts

modyworks, the team behind young paco de moor, have put out another nutso release this week. coming from f.r.a.c.t.a.l, the brainchild of jérémie kaminski, “a self-taught musician and mad sonicist who thrives on always re-inventing himself and exploring new grounds”, it’s a wild and energetic affair.

opener obselete is a delightful slow burner with a haunting organ chord throughout, a squelchy synth adds to the air of menace and melancholy, while a searing drone dances overhead. it concludes with a sort of daft punk-esque fadeout, suggesting a future of uncertainity and fear. the only words i can think of to describe arise are glitch bounce. it’s underpinned by a dirty, distorted bass and propelled by a wowee lead. it gets the blood pumping alright. paperboy keeps things going at a frantic pace, with a whole lot more angry distortion over some shuffling beats. a crazy robotic voice pops up towards the end – i’m guessing that’s the eponymous paperboy. battlefield, which is available as a free download, is quite that. it sounds like an apocyalptic rave going on in the middle of a war, or maybe it’s a war going on in the middle of a rave. either way, it’s exciting, and it near blows you away. resurrection is another appropriately titled track, closing the ep with a hint of redemption. it takes the tempo back down again, and, again using those funky shuffling beats, returns to the ethereal synths of obsolete, but not without retaining a healthy dose of that menacing distortion.

what’s great about this release is that each track has something interesting going on, but nothing outstays its welcome – the longest track clocks in at a mere 4.17, so you’re not kept waiting for bits to drop or for themes to develop. if only more producers worked like this. as well as the ep though, which is available for preview on soundcloud and for sale on juno, f.r.a.c.t.a.l has put together the tabula rasa mixtape, which is well worth a look.


One response to “more than the sum of its parts

  1. definitively a great piece of work !!

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