um, my bad

i’ve been away for a bit – but my excuse is that i’ve just moved house and i’ve no internet yet. PAINFUL. i popped back home yesterday and picked up a few things of interest.

first off, my new favourite label has just thrown something out there for the seeds. solid bump’s first output of the year is a track called passion from meroz, who you may recall had a remix on laberge‘s this feeling ep. it’s a great filtered house effort that’s fast and chunky enough to fit in those late night sets. they’ve also got a great interview with some of his influences on the label’s blog.

Meroz – Passion

another recent favourite, riva starr, was the contributor on bbc’s essential mix last weekend, and, being the dude that he is, riva put the mix up on soundcloud. what a legend. check it here.

finally,the ever-delightful white light mix series was extended with a great mix from your boy brian. as usual, it’s a deramy trip to disco heaven.

White Light 19 – Your Boy Brian

This mix was a pleasant departure from all the commercial gigs i’ve been taking on lately. It’s sorta paced like a movie / square rpg; little peaks and valleys, a few bittersweet melodies, a cathartic finish and then the credits roll. It’s also makes for decent listening while you’re doing crossword puzzles.

The xx – Intro (extended edit)
Masanori Ikeda – City Lights
Pet Shop Boys – Love Comes Quickly
The Rah Band – Message From The Stars
Bwh – Stop
Pacific! – Villanova Sunset
Defender – Bliss
Sebastien Leger – Victory (Lifelike Flashing Victory Vision Remix)
DJ DLG – Memories
Marchand – Starlove
Capsule – I’m Feeling You
Zoot Woman – Information First
New Order – Perfect Kiss
Mille – Stargazers
Ronald Jenkees – Outer Space


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