Daily Archives: 26/01/2010

rockin’ that thang

telephoned telafrend twentyten

i was watching the uk top 40 on mtv earlier and i was pretty disheartened. i guess it’s easy to fall into that trap of caring what is successful and what most people are listening to, but it’s great that even so, people are still out there making great music. i mean, yeah, replay sucks, and it’s pretty regressive to have two different renditions of don’t stop believing in the chart right now, but who cares? i was having a conversation about montell jordan the other night, and how much we all loved this is how we do it and get it on tonite. the next day one of the people i was talking to posted donell jones’s u know what’s up on my facebook. how come the pop/r’n’b we get in the charts these days isn’t nearly as good?!

it’s a bit late to be blogging about it, but i’m really loving the telephoned mixtape – i got such a good reaction when i played pop champagne back in august, i’ve been waiting for more from these guys since. this mixtape, ostensibly an ad for their debut ep on fool’s gold. their shtick is that they cover pop, r’n’b and electro tracks and rework them in a damn funky dancefloor style that is irresistably enjoyable. we’ve got a southern crunk style cover of use somebody, a funky house version of breakfast, and we’ve even got the xx meets calabria. just try not to enjoy it. it is, quite literally, off the hook.

Telephoned – Off The Hook