do the right thing and make a deal with god

so i’m up crazy early (for me) in the hope of getting some lcd soundsystem tickets, and of course to kill time i’m snooping around the innanet. just killing time, as you do. lo and behold i find the latest instalment in the delectable white light series. boom. just what you need to perk you up on a drab january morning.

this time it’s dubsided a&r mr neoteric, taking the reins for his third contribution to the series. from the looks of things, this one won’t disappoint. kicking off with aeroplane‘s remake of st etienne‘s simply gorgeous only love can break your heart, it can’t go wrong. i’m also noticing a remix of da hardy boyz, some new shazam and of course, you can’t go wrong with some eli escobar.

“It’s been amazing to see this series blossom into what it has become! My last White Light mix (Vol 5) was one of my favourite mixes that I’ve ever done, but I wanted to go deeper on this one to really catch the ‘Night Driving / Zone Out’ vibe. This one is much less vocal, way more mind trip, and features some very strong productions from acts who are really pushing this sound. This is pretty heady, moody stuff, and the vocals that were picked resonate strongly with emotion. I hope this mix strikes a nerve and is the cosmic soundtrack along your ways. Look towards the light!”

St. Etienne – Only Love Can Break Your Heart (Aeroplane Remake)
The Revenge – Night Flight
Lorenz Rhode – Like a Player (Shazam Remix)
Chalk Hill – Love Made Real
Lexx – Axis Shift
Metronomy – Do The Right Thing (Wild Geese Remix)
40 Thieves – Don’t Turn It Off feat. Qzen (Brennan Green Mix)
Glossy – Payama
Late Nite Tuff Guy – A Deal with God
Joakim – Spiders
Pete Herbert – Yo Drums
Noise Up – Over And Over Again
Walter Jones – I Am Loved
Ali Love – Diminishing Returns (Eli Escobar Remix)
Knightlife – All Systems
Da Hardy Boyz – Here I Am (Runaway Remix)
Hugg & Pepp – Sweet Rosie (Turbo Edit)
Colder – To The Music
Noise Up – Over And Over Again
Van She – (Don’t Fear) The Reaper

2 responses to “do the right thing and make a deal with god

  1. oh wow! thanks for posting this Aidan!!

  2. no problem dude, keep them coming 🙂

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