two thousand and ‘i prefer the switch mix’ six

i’m going to kick this off with a disclaimer – over the last few years i’ve made a point of never copying a dj’s mixes, ie if someone mixes two tracks together that sound great, i’ll go out of my way to find other ways of mixing them. i don’t wanna jock nobody’s style. but i’ve done it in this mix. not as a ripoff, but as an homage. it was in 2006 that i first saw the great man that is erol alkan play, and his opening tracks that night were his own remix of i don’t feel like dancing by scissor sisters and trentemøller‘s remix of go by moby. after that, like many of his sets, i was completely stumped – it always seems that he kicks off with something HUGE, then follows it up with an hour of obscurity, and lays the bangers on thick for his grand finale. later on that night i heard him play some of the tracks that have come to define that year, half of which are included in this very mix. bump, sitwoc, magick. that was 2006. this was year zero for the current crop of electro kids who never before had any interest in “dance music” – rock and rave had already come together through the likes of soulwax and lcd soundsystem, now labels like modular and ed banger were, i wouldn’t say consummating that marriage – they were f*cking like rabbits. it was wild.

2006 was all about a select group of people who made the year their own: first off, the ginger bearded wonder that is mr dave taylor, aka switch, whose remix output was simply mind-blowing. sharon phillips, jacques lu cont, the futureheads, lily allen, dj mehdi and more all received the switch treatment but it’s his remixes of spank rock and coldcut that i’ve included here, as well as a bit patchy – yes i know it’s originally from 2005 but 2006 was when it made a BIG splash – i’ll never forget hearing diplo play it at pitchfork in chicago, i went pretty much apeshit knowing i knew it but not being able to place it. months later i realised tom middleton had put it in his star wars essential mix waaaay back in may 2005. i heard it again at least twice at electric picnic before i eventually found out what it was. epic. next on that magic list is the whole ed banger crew – 2006 was of course the true breakout year for justice and friends, as well as the return of mr oizo, whose remix of jamelia was definitely one of the best reworkings i’d ever heard of a pop track into something awkward, glitchy and almost downright scary. finally, in a way connected to the ed banger crew by virtue of that remix, simian mobile disco branched away from their psych-rock past into completely different territory, creating as they did a host of genre-defining remixes for klaxons, the rapture and the go! team, as well as providing us with this – the best reason anyone my age ever had to buy nme.

and in case you’re wondering, yes that is me deleriously happy despite the rain watching daft punk at marlay park in august 2006.


haido – Two Thousand and “I prefer the Switch mix” Six

Pitbull v Hot Chip – Shake It Over and Over
CSS – Let’s Make Love (Spank Rock Remix)
Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Gold Lion (Diplo Remix)
Jamelia – Something About You (Mr Oizo Remix)
Franz Ferdinand – The Fallen (Ruined by Justice)
Switch – A Bit Patchy
Coldcut – Walk A Mile In My Shoes (Tiga Remix)
MBG & SDS – New Jack (Steve Angello Remix)
MSTRKRFT – Work On You
Uffie – Hot Chick
Spank Rock – Bump (Switch Remix)
Justin Timberlake – Sexyback (Alavi Rerox)
Klaxons – Magick (Simian Mobile Disco Remix)
M.I.A. – XR2 Turbo
Green Velvet – Shake and Pop
Gossip – Standing In The Way of Control (Soulwax Nite Version)
Simian Mobile Disco – Hustler
Coldcut – True Skool (Switch Remix)
Scissor Sisters – I Dont Feel Like Dancin’ (Erol Alkan’s Carnival Of Light Rework)
Moby – Go (Trentemøller remix)

2 responses to “two thousand and ‘i prefer the switch mix’ six

  1. looks dope!

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