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return of the mak

supporting yer man lorcan mak was pretty insane last night. parle had played a nice selection of groovy stuff, things like rjd2’s ghost writer, a bit of vampire weekend and peter, bjorn and john, so i got to start off on a slow-ish disco tip. i know that’s the most over-used word in music right now, but whatever. i realised last night that for some reason sound of silver isn’t in my wallet. bad haido.

for some reason i had some sort of mental block getting beyond 122. then i played intro. when i look back at my djing career in years to come i will surely have played that track more than any other. ten years old and still the best.

from there, it got more than a little bit dirty. chaos dans le cbd, riva starr, the latest from schizofonics. whopper, as lorcan would say. the man himself whipped up a frenzy, though methinks he needs to work on his air-horn game.

that aside – top lad, top night.

Bag Raiders – Shooting Star
Azari & III – Reckless With Your Love
Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Gold Lion
LCD Soundsystem – Too Much Love
Tiga – Sex O’Clock (Matias Aguayo Remix)
Ying Yang Twins vs Yaz – Shake Situation (DJ Ayres Remix)
Alan Braxe & Fred Falke – Intro
Idiotproof – The Deacon (Duke Dumont “Live From Brooklyn” Remix)
Alter Ego – Why Not? (Joakim Remix)
Riva Starr – Black Cat, White Cat
Chaos Dans Le CBD – Out Ma House
Kid Sister – Right Hand Hi (Kingdom Remix)
Rainbow Arabia – Holidays In Congo (Myd remix)
Miike Snow – Silvia (Sinden Remix)
Schizofonics – Blipstick
Boy 8-Bit – Baltic Pine (Greenmoney’s Baltic Porn Refix)
Virgin – Rich Girls (XXXChange Remix)
Boys Noize – Jeffer


krashing the party

last night was my second time playing krash in wax with colin perkins. there was a vibrant and appreciative crowd, so it was a good night to play. i had decided earlier in the day to play a new remix of modjo’s lady, but alas it went down like a proverbial lead balloon. the floor emptied. it was a nice challenge though – i had to build it up again from scratch. i remember years ago reading that apparently in his early days sharam used to get told off by promoters/club owners for being so good that clubbers wouldn’t leave the floor and go to the bar. i don’t think i’m quite at that stage yet 😉 it was nice to play stickin’ and amsterdam for the first time, two awesome tracks that i haven’t had the chance to play yet. both went off.

funnily, when i went to the toilet after my set i could hear colin bringing in da funk – i rushed back and asked “which remix?” “schizofonics” was the reply. boom. 2010 is going to be a schizofonic year – mark my words.

DJ Mehdi – Pocket Piano (Joakim Remix)
Major Lazer – Keep It Going Louder (Tom Stevens Remix)
La Roux – Quicksand (Boy 8-Bit Remix)
Laidback Luke & A-Trak – Shake It Down
Surkin – White Knight Two
Daft Punk – Da Funk (Schizofonics Rework)
SonicC – Stickin
Röyksopp – What Else Is There? (Trentemøller Remix)
Modjo – Lady (Taped & Zagross Bootleg)
Joe and Will Ask? – Fabric of Win
Bag Raiders – Fun Punch (Jokers of The Scene Remix)
Cubic Zirconia – Fuck Work (Dances With White Girls Remix)
Jennifer Delano – Amsterdam (RipTidE Found the Spot Remix)
Fever Ray – Seven (Crookers Remix)

Claude VonStroke interview

Ahead of his show at Night Flight in Dublin this Friday, I got the chance to talk to the dirty bird himself, Mr Barclay Crenshaw, aka Claude VonStroke…

Where did the bird thing come from? Dirtybird, Beware of The Bird, Bird Brain
The label had been named Dirtybird by chance based on a drawing i used to do when i was a kid. Then I had an idea to call my album Beware of the Bird. Then as soon as i thought of that title I got the idea to buy this giant bird mascot costume. It was just like a set of dominoes… one bird leads to another right down the line.

You’ve done a lot to make techno more “fun” – since ice cool minimal seems to be on the way out, what do you think is coming next?
I don’t really care because i don’t ride the trends. I play whatever I think is the best music being made. The next thing coming is probably more crap, more posers, more critics fawning over so-so stuff… and then there will of course be one or two genuine pearls in that bucket of clams somewhere.
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rockin’ that thang

telephoned telafrend twentyten

i was watching the uk top 40 on mtv earlier and i was pretty disheartened. i guess it’s easy to fall into that trap of caring what is successful and what most people are listening to, but it’s great that even so, people are still out there making great music. i mean, yeah, replay sucks, and it’s pretty regressive to have two different renditions of don’t stop believing in the chart right now, but who cares? i was having a conversation about montell jordan the other night, and how much we all loved this is how we do it and get it on tonite. the next day one of the people i was talking to posted donell jones’s u know what’s up on my facebook. how come the pop/r’n’b we get in the charts these days isn’t nearly as good?!

it’s a bit late to be blogging about it, but i’m really loving the telephoned mixtape – i got such a good reaction when i played pop champagne back in august, i’ve been waiting for more from these guys since. this mixtape, ostensibly an ad for their debut ep on fool’s gold. their shtick is that they cover pop, r’n’b and electro tracks and rework them in a damn funky dancefloor style that is irresistably enjoyable. we’ve got a southern crunk style cover of use somebody, a funky house version of breakfast, and we’ve even got the xx meets calabria. just try not to enjoy it. it is, quite literally, off the hook.

Telephoned – Off The Hook

do the right thing and make a deal with god

so i’m up crazy early (for me) in the hope of getting some lcd soundsystem tickets, and of course to kill time i’m snooping around the innanet. just killing time, as you do. lo and behold i find the latest instalment in the delectable white light series. boom. just what you need to perk you up on a drab january morning.

this time it’s dubsided a&r mr neoteric, taking the reins for his third contribution to the series. from the looks of things, this one won’t disappoint. kicking off with aeroplane‘s remake of st etienne‘s simply gorgeous only love can break your heart, it can’t go wrong. i’m also noticing a remix of da hardy boyz, some new shazam and of course, you can’t go wrong with some eli escobar.
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noria pt ii

since i’m on that slow disco tip right now, figured i’d keep going in that direction… as you probably know i’ve been a big fan of myd’s work since he showed up on my radar back in august. proper exciting ravey stuff with tribal leanings and a big dose of fun. one such track was noria, which i blogged in november. this one was almost angry and uplifting at the same time, so i was eager to hear what the hit meteor remix, featured on the club cheval blog today, would sound like. well, it’s on a different planet. it slows down the main riff to a pumping disco groove, with a deep and suggestive bassline. it’s got this weird mid-section that has spacey-echoey sounds over which sit a sort of bright eyes-esque telephone conversation, which is subsequently chopped to pieces over grinding industrial effects – it’s not called carpenter remix for nothing.

EDIT: excuse me… further listens reveal blade runner samples…

check it out.

also, i was horrified when i first heard owl city’s fireflies – i felt like i’d just eaten a bag of sugar. but this leo zero remix is pretty awesome – enough reverb to make the original vocals almost indiscernible, and add a whopping 80s kick and some delightful syncopated synths. you can see a preview here.

or maybe hear me play it tonight 😉

i had nothing to do with this poster

come down. i want to play this as it’s the most heart-breakingly beautiful thing i’ve heard in a while. it just magically appeared on my ipod and i feel in love straight away.

two thousand and ‘i prefer the switch mix’ six

i’m going to kick this off with a disclaimer – over the last few years i’ve made a point of never copying a dj’s mixes, ie if someone mixes two tracks together that sound great, i’ll go out of my way to find other ways of mixing them. i don’t wanna jock nobody’s style. but i’ve done it in this mix. not as a ripoff, but as an homage. it was in 2006 that i first saw the great man that is erol alkan play, and his opening tracks that night were his own remix of i don’t feel like dancing by scissor sisters and trentemøller‘s remix of go by moby. after that, like many of his sets, i was completely stumped – it always seems that he kicks off with something HUGE, then follows it up with an hour of obscurity, and lays the bangers on thick for his grand finale. later on that night i heard him play some of the tracks that have come to define that year, half of which are included in this very mix. bump, sitwoc, magick. that was 2006. this was year zero for the current crop of electro kids who never before had any interest in “dance music” – rock and rave had already come together through the likes of soulwax and lcd soundsystem, now labels like modular and ed banger were, i wouldn’t say consummating that marriage – they were f*cking like rabbits. it was wild.
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sorry, got sidetracked there

last thursday i did something i’ve never done before – played two gigs in one night. the first was a low-key affair, playing breezy disco at just daire‘s sidetracked night in the newly refurbished chocolate bar. it’s a lovely spot, and it’s a great place to play some funkier stuff. daire played some great disco like still going theme, and the siriusmo remix of shooting star. another first was that myself and quigo went back to back – something we first talked about as far back as june or july 2008. we should hopefully be doing that again some time.

after side tracked it was down to krash in wax, my first time playing downstairs after several spots upstairs in spy. being a three-roomed affair, naturally the crowd ebbed and flowed, but i was pretty happy with how the set went. also props to colin perkins not least for having me down, but also for looping and filtering and all sorts of ish on top of what i was playing.

Bam Bam – Give It To Me (Original 12″ Mix)
Paco de Moor – Morning After
Cevin Fisher – The Freaks Come Out (Idiotproof Remix – Jesse Rose Edit)
Boy 8-Bit – Baltic Pine
Empire of The Sun – Walking On A Dream (Treasure Fingers Remix)
CSS – Let’s Make Love and Listen To Death From Above (Diplo Remix)
Smarttech – Took The Trompeta
Boys Noize – Jeffer
Marina and The Diamonds – Hollywood (The Juan MacLean Remix)
DJ Touché – Vampires
The Virgins – Rich Girls (XXXChange Remix)
La Roux – I’m Not Your Toy (Jack Beats Remix)
Schizofonics – Unknown
Spank Rock – Bump (Switch Remix)
Twizzle – Skydiving (GreenMoney ’In Tha Sky’ Remix)