bia for the soul

ended up somehow djing for a brief period in bia bar last night. good fun. most of the crowd were djs – you know how it is – so imagine my shame when one of my cds started skipping… i’d even spent half an hour getting from 128 down to 124, and sure enough the first track i find and throw in is 130… fml… anyway. i was pretty happy i got to play security – it’s been kicking around on a cd for a few months now so it’s about time i’ve played it!

empire of the sun – walking on a dream (treasure fingers remix)
uffie – mcs can kiss (zombie disco squad remix)
the beat club – security
tiga – pleasure from the bass (joakim remix)
eli escobar – glass house
cut copy – future (chromeo remix)
fully fitted – 50 ways

after this i went over to the twisted pepper for switch – alas, due to disastrous weather conditions he wasn’t able to make it over. nonetheless, mr jones residents shortie and frank sweeney rocked the place – the crowd was insanely up for it and the lads did not disappoint. boom.

now it’s back to work and the real world for me…


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