gravity rides everything

wow i’ve been pretty busy this past while. working has actually taken it out of me more than i had anticipated. not that i’m complaining – having a job is great, especially at a time like this.

i went to see modest mouse on tuesday, and boy did they put on a good show. the setlist was great – as far as i was concerned they kind of went 50/50 in terms of stuff i knew and stuff i didn’t. there was one song i’d been hoping to hear which they skipped, but that’ll happen at every gig so i’m not too mad. plus i saw them play it before so grand like. the gig was followed by some late pints in sin é with the good people from fuzzy logic (if you haven’t yet, you should check it out), lots of chats about jim morrison and jack kerouac and other such things.

the next morning i was woken up by the postman ringing the doorbell – he was delivering, among other things, my drop the lime 12″, with added classixx remix, as arranged by nialler9. so kudos to niall and the bacardi b-live family. i’m in the process of ripping it now, though i think i may have got the speed wrong….

this week i’ve been lucky enough to get some great stuff in my inbox. top of the list is the remix package for myd‘s train to bamako. i’ve been loving his work ever since i first heard the original track back in august, and the remixes do their best to add something new while keeping the manic tribal flair of the original intact. my favrouite is from monsieur monsieur, who recently won the peanuts club remix competition. ones to watch i’d say. for your pleasure i offer you the canblaster remix. also the artwork is the maddest and coolest thing i’ve seen in some time. the package is available at trackitdown.

finally major props to my boy bobby analog – he’s just moved down south to melbourne – jealous or what. after perfecting the art of discofied remixes, he’s moved onto darker and angrier things – i mean this track is called st. kilda bass…. it’s a banger.

Myd – Train to Bamako (Canblaster Remix)
Bobby Analog – St. Kilda Bass

ps watch out for the 88 ep from schizofonics next year. runnnnnnnnnnnin tings.

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