my new favourite blog

i just finished reading a book (a.m. homes’ this book will change your life) and went looking through gis for a picture of the cover – i ended up at the best little bookshelf in texas.

My name is Jia Tolentino and I am reviewing every book I’ve ever read.

what else can i say? i loved this on faulkner’s as i lay dying (a book about which i have thought a lot this year, though i am yet to return to its glory):

There was one time last year when my roommate and I were a bit under the influence and I yelled down the stairs, “Tory what are you doing” and she yells back “I’m ready to go out, I’m just reading As I Lay Dying again” and then we both simultaneously burst out laughing for like half an hour because of the thought of “As I Lay Dying Again,” the apocryphal sequel, and then the entire series’ worth of possibilities based on whatever you were doing while you were reading As I Lay Dying–like “Yeah, I picked up As I Lay Dying: At The Bookstore” or “Oh, hold on, I just want to finish As I Lay Dying: Before Gossip Girl Starts.”

if you haven’t read as i lay dying… well you should.

One response to “my new favourite blog

  1. I have experienced As I Lay Dying again and again, oh, and again. Favourite book, everytime I read it I take something new away from it.

    Thanks for this – cheered up my afternoon.

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