we pull the cars up from the river

so tonight i went to see new moon…….. i know, how unlikely. i enjoyed it a bit more than twilight – partly because i was laughing the whole way through, partly due to the reaction of the crowd – and also it did look quite nice at times. i’ve been avoiding any talk of the soundtrack, just noticing but not following headlines on pitchfork about thom yorke and death cab contributing.

to be fair, thom’s track is quite amazing.

in other thom-related news, i picked up the collection of his remixes (or rmxs) the other day – i know i’m two years late on that, but i didn’t think it was available on cd! it’s a japanese import, i saw it in hmv, i couldn’t resist. it’s gold! i’d heard a few of the remixes already, but the field‘s reworking of cymbal rush is simply mesmerising. quelle surprise.

here’s the burial remix of and it rained all night, quite appropriate a) because burial sounds best in november and b) on account of the flooding across the country this week. not that i want to make light of that horrible situation at all.

Thom Yorke – And It Rained All Night (Burial Remix)


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