unhappy haneke

a few days late reading this, but i’m terrible at catching up with my google reader. i’m really excited about seeing the white ribbon, but i might be the only one…

There’s obviously something about Michael Haneke’s films that seeps out of the screen to unsettle viewers. The critics’ press screening of his awesome The White Ribbon this week was like a Haneke film in itself. Several critics arrived late, shuffling into their seats while the opening credits played in stark monochrome silence. Another critic began to eat lunch – how can you get anything down your throat during the tension of a Haneke film. Heads turned in annoyance at the chomping. Then another prominent male critic entered noisily and obviously flustered as Haneke’s German narrator intoned the story of strange, violent goings on. The critic made a stooping dash in the dark for a seat, tripping up the aisle steps and spilling hot coffee on to a female viewer. She let out a yelp of pain. The screening room was on edge, disturbed, riled – yet the film was barely five minutes old. Haneke’s next film will mark a return to him working in French, and star Isabelle Huppert and Jean Louis Trintignant. According to the director it will be about the “humiliation of the physical degradation in the elderly”. Good to see the fella lightening up then.

from trailer trash, the guardian (the headline too)

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