this was a weird one. 2002 for many was the year of electroclash, but for some reason i was oblivious to much of that trend, happily bathed in the warm glow of prog and what one might term proper house music. of course sunglasses at night was inescapable – but that aside, it was all about tough jacking beats and uplifting funk – and i mean that in the best possible way.

a few words about the music. i was never that much a fan of the radio edit of röyksopp‘s remind me, but the video is beyond words, and besides, melody a.m. came out in 01 so it wouldn’t be right to include the original here. that group had such a profound effect on me in 02 that i felt it necessary to include another track of theirs, their beautiful remix of weak become heroes by the streets, who also made a big splash that year. i first heard minimal funk‘s definition of house on danny tenaglia‘s gu017, released in 2000, but this edit, by x-press 2‘s rocky, hit the shelves in may 02. i remember listening to it on a tape i’d recorded from the radio before my trip to california in june 2002, along with shakedown‘s at night – which might be my favourite track from that year. that trip is the reason the artwork is at is – see me match my hands to those of al pacino at grauman’s chinese theatre in hollywood – near where my brother now lives. well for some!


haido – 2002

Layo & Bushwacka! – Vinyl
Metro Area – Miura
Röyksopp – Remind Me (Someone Else’s Radio Remix)
The Streets – Weak Become Heroes (Röyksopp’s Memory Lane Mix)
FC Kahuna – Glitterball
Narcotic Thrust – Safe From Harm
DJ Rasoul – Oh Baby
DJ Rasoul – Oh Baby (Quinn “Kerbcrawler” Whalley Remix)
Junior Jack – Thrill Me
Minimal Funk – Definition Of House (Rocky Edit)
Shakedown – At Night
The Chemical Brothers – Star Guitar (Pete Heller’s Expanded Mix)
Wink – Superfreak (Freak) (Freak Tweek Mix)
Layo & Bushwacka! – Love Story
Tiga & Zyntherius – Blue Sunglasses (Tom Middleton Cosmos Re-Edit)
X-Press 2 – Lazy (ft David Byrne)
Sasha – Wavy Gravy 4DJS
Underworld – Two Months Off
Sasha – Wavy Gravy


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