so much at stake – oh, bad choice of words!


so i spent a bitta money today. a few things. some books. some muzak. and a dvd. i realised i missed thirst in the cinema, so to make up for it i bought tod browning’s dracula. i’m ashamed to say i still haven’t seen it. what a terrible ex-film student. i got that massive hammer box set at the start of the year and so far i’ve only watched one of the 21 films inside! shameful.

anyway to mark the occasion enjoy this choice oddity from 2003’s the love below. i remember before christmas that year bringing the album backstage at a show i was working on – i’d had it since september, but people were pretty slow on the uptake. all of a sudden, at the wrap party everyone kept playing hey ya!, but this was what i thought people should hear.

André 3000 – Dracula’s Wedding (ft Kelis)


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