thanks dudes


hmm… well this is great. i’ve been raving about the delancey music service lately, you know, eli escobar and stretch armstrong playing good tunes and interviewing cool people and being generally interesting and hilarious. the show is on mondays at 10pm ny time, which is generally 3am here. like i can stay up till 5am listening to ny radio, even if it is broadcast online. well in the spirit of honesty, i did stay up last week, as our clocks had gone back but theirs hadn’t, so it was only staying up till 4. but i can’t do that every week…

anyway, thankfully, eli’s been good enough to put up a link to the show on his blog the past few weeks, so i (and the rest of the world) can listen to it on my ipod on buses and when walking through town and whatnot. till now.

So the people over at EVR have asked me not to post up the shows. If you guys wanna hear old shows you’ll have to stream them off the EVR website. If someone calls you on the phone or your Chinese takeout comes, don’t pause the stream because it’ll start from the beginning again when you press play.

thanks evr. whatever about anything else, i definitely don’t have the time to listen to the same stream for two hours straight on my internet. i barely even watch films anymore. this is adding to what has so far been a crap monday. eugh.

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