back to the future

since i’ve been so busy on this mix thing i’ve not been giving due attention to new music. my bad. in the past few days i’ve been sent some great stuff, and it’s high time i share it with the world.


i’ve been repping for solid bump for a while, so it stands to reason that i should be excited about laberg’s debut release on the label. i had no idea, but laberge is just 22. i hate it when i hear that someone that i really respect is younger than me. anyway the true love ep, available on beatport, comes with three original tracks and a remix. the title track has a low-slung bassline, soft synths and a chipmunk vocal sample that really works. just don’t let go is a more laidback affair, beautiful stuff for a warm up. we don’t know has emotive chord changes reminiscent reminiscent of tee’s happy, and the remix of true love, by meroz, gives the original more oomph to take things into the early hours. all in all it’s one solid release for a label that is solid by name…. well you get me. check out this remix of just don’t let go by dj eq. like meroz’s remix, it beefs up the beautiful original and makes it a little bit more late-night friendly.

Just Don’t Let Go (DJ EQ Remix) – Laberge


chaos dans le cbd consists of two brothers from auckland, and they’re making some damn fine tunes. think brodinski, momma’s boy, renaissance man. my favourite track of theirs is called tesh & maccas – don’t ask me what that means. it’s got high pitched bleeps that seem to be singing something to me, white noise and that hint of tribalism that suggests something more than a little bit wild. rag rats is a little bit angrier, and the wild is more than just suggested. rattling tribal fills and more of those bleeps help this one become something of a banger within this genre – if that’s possible. and, appropriately enough, they’ve remixed noob and brodinski’s peanuts club. while the original is something of a dj tool, they’ve taken the signature riff and built a hazy, smokey new track around it. thumbs up.

Chaos Dans Le CBD Feat. Tommie Pickles – Tesh & Maccas (Original Mix)
Chaos Dans Le CBD – Rag Rats (Original Mix)
Noob & Brodinski – Peanuts Club (Chaos Dans Le CBD Remix)


4 responses to “back to the future

  1. Tommie Pickles

    yo Haido
    tesh & macas means smokin weed then eatin maccas!
    Tommie Pickles

  2. well that’s me told 🙂

  3. Hahaha good one Tommie, mean’t to be our little secret! Thanks for the kind works Aidan, means alot 🙂 Keep doing what ya do!!!

  4. hah. only if you do too.

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