naughty, naughty, very naughty

so for some bizarre reason i’ve decided to try and do a mix for each year over the 00s (not each decade, as i bizarrely said on twitter). i haven’t even finished selecting tunes for 2000 and already i’m exhausted. this project will be mainly from a “dance music” perspective, with a few non-dance but suitably electronic pieces thrown in to keep it interesting. yes, there will be some tracks that you may consider “cheesy”, but i’m keeping this as honest as i can – stuff i loved then, stuff i still love now, and stuff i discovered in between times. haters need not apply.

alas not everything has been easy to find, so there will be tracks from each year that deserve to be included but which will be left out simply because i don’t have them. i’ll be sure to namecheck these unlucky souls.

in the meantime, here’s a brief glance at what i’m starting with… and yes, my tagging leaves a lot to be desired…



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