it’s a good day. i’m not working. i’m in the middle of reading two great books (one for the bus and one for home time) – jeff chang’s immense can’t stop won’t stop and after dark by haruki murakami. tonight i’m going to that awesome free gig in tripod (in flagranti, the juan maclean dj set, the field), and right now i’m downloading the second installment of the delancey music service. i’m going to have to fight the urge to talk about this every week, but it’s a pretty big urge. this week the interview subject is dances with white girls, one of my favourite new(ish) producers. he first came to my attention with an awesome bmore remix of stevie nicks’ edge of seventeen. within 18 months i could hear one his tracks in urban outfitters on the rapture‘s tapes compilation.

anyway he’s done a wee mix but they’ve not given us a tracklist. so i’m going to have to dig deep and find out what he’s playing. he’s an eccentric and interesting dude – check out his burning bridges and making paper mix from last year, where he goes from proper house and techno to funky house to bmore.

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