great news


you know i’m always you going on about eli. along with the awesome tracks, killer remixes and flawless mixes, he can also be a funny dude, as evidenced whenever he stands in for mark ronson’s authentic shit on east village radio. so it’s with great pleasure that i read of his new venture, a weekly show on evr with one stretch armstrong. wow. this is so good. eli played on the station t’other day, peep this sweet tracklist – among some other gems there’s a preview of eli’s remix of phoenix. i just can’t wait to hear the bant between him an stretch!

So I’m pretty excited to announce that starting next Tuesday night, Stretch Armstrong and I will have our own show on EVR every week. Details are still being sorted out but what I can tell you is it will be a mixed format show with plenty of new and, of course, old music, guests and perhaps some sardonic New York City banter thrown in for good measure. In any event, yesterday I played a set on the station’s show “On The Fly” . You can stream it here. Unfortunately EVR has changed its website a bit and downloading shows is no longer an option. Once Stretch and I get started with our show I will put up the podcast address which is the ideal way to archive EVR shows. Stay tuned!

Phenomenal Handclap Band – 15 To 20 (Bim Marx Remix)
Da Hardy Boyz – I Want To Be There
Wide Awake Boy – Slang Teacher
Phoenix – Fences (Eli Remix Rough)
Downtown Party Network – Heartbreak Dancing
Crazy P – Love On The Line (Unabombers Version)
Five Special – Why Leave Us Alone (Eli Escobar Edit)
Plastic Mode – Baja Imperial
Supersonic Lovers – Motor City Blues
Jaun Maclean – Human Disaster (House of House Remix)
Soft Cell – Memorabilia
Thompson Twins – Lies
Still Going – Spaghetti Circus
Supermen Lovers – The Howling Session Pt 1
Japan – Life In Tokyo
Midnight Passion – I need Your Love
Shit Robot – Simple Things (Serge Santiago Mix)


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