it’s rare that i find mysef genuinely excited these days. i guess it’s the cynicism of the internet age. but i just read an interview with todd solondz ahead of his new film, life during wartime, and was so excited my eyes nearly popped out. it’s a non-sequel sequel to 1998’s happiness, that bizarre take on middle america that resembled a fucked up version of magnolia. only, in typical solondz fashion, the roles will not be reprised from the “stars” of the original film. like he said at the time of palindromes, we take it for granted when a character is played by a different actor in a soap, so why not experiment with that idea on the big screen? speaking about the filmmaking process itself, he seems to express a stress and pain in filmmaking that goes some way to explaining why his films are so full of silent horror and moral repugnance.

Making movies is a nightmare. It’s all about time management and stamping out brush fires. With this one, I’m just lucky I got it made and wasn’t sued. I guess that means it’s a success.

having waited over four years for his latest piece of work, i’m pretty delighted to hear that he’s just as awkward, weird, and disillusioned as he always has been.


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