death of all wack club music


dj tameil ain’t happy. peep the words from ya man himself:

This is a cd dedicated to all these lil’ disrepectful ass so-called producers in Jersey who have asked nor recieved blessings from the Originals in this Baltimore Club Music game. If I paid my dues over years and made it my business to form relationships and gain acceptance from those before me & those who made it possible for me & allowed me to bring this style back to Jersey and create a sub-genre branded thru me.. “Brick City Club Music”, what they hell makes these dudes think they can just do what the hell they wanna do without asking anyone’s permission and self-proclaim themselves “kings” of Brick City or Jersey Club Music without first having a history lesson or paying respect to those who make it possible for all of this? To make it plain and simple… I’m no longer keeping my mouth shut….. time to destroy!

with that in mind…

Dj TaMeiL – D.O.A. (Death of All Wack Club Music)


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