voices whine

another night, another preview. i saw judd apatow’s funny people tonight. it’s long. it’s not entirely unfunny, but boy it drags. one of the least funny moments is when seth rogen asks a girl if she wants to attend a wilco concert. then he says “i guess we wil-go to the show…” later, he wears this tee, which is kind of cool.


when they eventually watch wilco play, you can hear them play jesus etc – though you don’t actually see the band. rogen appears to be wearing a red uncle tupelo tee, so you know his character is an old school fan. nice. anyway all of this reminds me i won’t be seeing wilco this week, which really sucks. their two shows at vicar street in november 2007 were two of my favourite ever gigs. check out this live version of jesus, etc. from 2005’s kicking television: live in chicago. it’s funny, yankee hotel foxtrot is probably my favourite album of theirs, yet i think some of the songs from that album don’t really work in a live context. it all gets a little too messy outside of the studio. but this is not one of those songs.

another of my favourites is from 2007’s sky blue sky, which i first heard at lollapalooza in 2006. it really is a joy to hear impossible germany live, as nels cline solos his way through as only a guitarist of his calibre can. i was lucky enough to get this recording of the song played from the now-defunct rbally blog, recorded at the pines theatre in massachusetts way back in july 2006. i hope you enjoy it as much as i do, and if you make either or both of the gigs this week, let me know how the new stuff sounds…

Wilco – Jesus, Etc. (live at The Vic Theatre, 2005)
Wilco – Impossible Germany (live at The Pines Theatre, 2006)


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