le mix du weekend

the bodytonic website has just received another overhaul, things are looking colourful yet accessible so i reckon i’ll be spending more time over there from now on. one aspect of particular interest is the new mixes section:

The mixes section is a database of links to non-commercial mixes supplied by registered users of our site. It’s a place to find out about new mixes, mixes by a particular artist or mixes in a particular genre.

top of the list right now is a rough and ready mix from moodymann. what’s really tickling my fancy, however, is my friend forde‘s mix, quantly tuitled “july mix to flick your bean to”…. with that in mind, enjoy the weekend 😉

Forde – July Mix (to flick your bean to)…

1.sascha dive-as long as its grooving (its allright now)
2. manuel tur-acorado
3.robert dietz-actrice
4.markus homm-torn
5.kiki-good voodoo
6.motor city drum ensemble-get slapped up
7.danton eeprom-to the bone(Jamie jones percussion)
8.tony lionni-found a place
9.scott ferguson-dump days
10.radio slave-never ending / moodyman-heaven untitled
11.robert dietz-its lonely at the dub
12.rework-love love love yeah (chloe)


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