thursday album revisit


i remember reading an interview with fc kahuna years ago where one of them mentioned a song where some guy was talking about playing daft punk to the rock kids at cbgb’s. it made no sense to me at the time. in 2005, i came across an album called lcd soundsystem.

today i listened to some remixes of their tracks, in preparation for the release of the 45:33 remixes. and then i listened to the aforementioned self-titled album. i started thinking that remixing lcd is a bit pointless. it’s all there in the original. lately i’ve been digging a lot of the nu-disco sounds, with rattling percussion and dugga-dugga basslines, so i thought i’d really enjoy the rub’n’tug remix of too much love. and then i listened to the original, which contains everything that the current crop of nu-disco heads are making their own. there was a period a few years ago when i would beatbox to myself, and more often than not i’d vocalise the opening beats of this very track. and for a while my “status” on myspace was “here comes the new stylish creep” – taken from on repeat. it’s funny how james murphy adopts a different vocal tack as the album rushes by. on opener daft punk is playing at my house his voice is nasal and frantic, on too much love it’s hushed. the beatles-esque never as tired as i’m waking up sees him adopt a gentle, wistful tone, before on repeat literally creeps us out. it’s clear that murphy isn’t the best singer in the world, but his grasp of musicianship and the charm of his delivery make it an irresistible package. and while the album might seem short, with just 9 tracks, the booming sounds of great release make for the best intro song ever to find itself at the end of the disc. in a sense it could be said that it’s the introduction to the singles disc, which features, among others, losing my edge, beat connection and yeah (both pretentious and crass).

since the release of this album in 2005 murphy has toured the world, soundtracked hollywood films, and been responsible for the most significant release in the series of nike+ exercise tracks – the aforementioned 45:33 – as well as getting some of that fabriclive payola. all while helming the consistently brilliant dfa records. and then of course there’s sound of silver, which might even be seen as a better “album” than lcd soundsystem. but that’s a discussion for another day. for now, sit back and enjoy these moments of greatness.

LCD Soundsystem – Too Much Love
LCD Soundsystem – On Repeat
LCD Soundsystem – Great Release


2 responses to “thursday album revisit

  1. Have to say I’d be one of those who’d pick Sound of Silver over LCD Soundsystem.

    I think there’s more depth to it… Someone Great being the shining light IMO — a stomping dance tune that’s also one of the saddest songs I’ve heard in years.

  2. S/T gets points for sheer volume – and seriously, Beat Connection and Losing My Edge are magic – but you’re right, strength in depth abounds on SoS. Funnily enough I think North American Scum is its only weak point, but then again, when it comes on you can’t help but enjoy it!

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