crowd pleaser

apparently most people who happen upon this blog are looking for little boots, blair waldorf or amerie. i figure i may as well give the people what they want, and do a little write up on these three very lovely ladies.

i included this remix in my chart this week – a-trak blogged it as part of his pre-infinity +1 tumblr, and to be honest i wasn’t really feeling it at the time. it wasn’t until i heard the girl play it herself last weekend in a dark and smokey club that it really made sense to me. with its blue monday-esque kick and soft, spacey synths, it’s a worthy reworking of victoria hesketh’s best song. far better than the truncated and heavily reverbed version that found its way onto her album…

Little Boots – Stuck On Repeat (Alexander Robotnick Remix)

apparently (so i’m told) a sex tape “starring” one leighton meester (aka gossip girl’s blair waldorf) surfaced recently, but hey, this is a classy blog, so that’s not my concern. after a week in which i watched all of the first season, i kind of lost interest in gossip girl mid-way through season two. the unscrupulously manipulative blair is probably the most compelling thing about the show, so have a wee look at this.

and as for amerie… what’s she up to these days? her website is trapped in 2007, but in fact she’s about to release her fourth album next month, called in love & war. ahead of that she’s dropped a mixtape called what chu know about amerie, and a single called why r u. while previously some of her hits have seen her singing over funk and soul heavy beats, this time around she’s appropriating an old masters at work‘s sample and sounding all the better for it. i found that her best tracks are the party stormers like 1 thing, touch, because i love it etc. when she slows it down and thanks the lord, great as her vocals are, it gets just a bit dull. thankfully this track stays on the right side of righteous.

Amerie – What Chu Know About Amerie (via Mark Edward Nero)


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