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just to let you know i will not be in a position to update the blog over the next week. i hope that doesn’t come as too much of a disappointment. see you at electric picnic for a bit of this.



so i found the mix i mentioned earlier on. i always think it’s a bit pointless trying to id this kind of set, there’s so much going on, even just for seconds. i mean this huge list is what dj am could get through in a mere 75 minutes. at a time like this, rather than focus on grief or heartbreak, it’s worth remembering what was really great about someone. you can stream it here, or else there’s a dl link for keeps below. you can also find some more of his mixes here.

DJ AM – Live @ Banana Split 2007-05-06

Does It Offend You Yeah – We Are Rockstars Now
Depeche Mode – Just Can’t Get Enough (Dirty South Remix)
Federico Franchi – Cream
Justice Vs Simian – We Are Your Friends (Scottie B, King Tutt And Samir Remix)
Basement Jaxx – Where’s Your Head At
Basement Jaxx – Where’s Your Head At (Acappella)
Uffie – Hot Chick
Stacey Q – Two Of Hearts
Rampage – Wild For The Night
Dr Dre – Forgot About Dre (Acappella)
Mia – Xr2 Turbo
Bill Conti – Gonna Fly Now
Dj Class – Tear Da Club Up
The Shanrgri Las – Leader Of The Pack (Steve 1der Remix)
Van Halen – Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Love
Rich Boy – Throw Some Ds
Herman Kelly & Life – Dance To The Drummer’s Beat
The Rapture – Whoo! Alright, Yeah… Uh Huh
Wu-Tang Clan – Ain’t Nothin’ To Fuck With (Bird Peterson Remix)
Debbie Deb – When I Hear Music
Peter Bjorn & John – Young Folks
Dj Deeon – Da Dick Suck
Dj Isaac – Face Down Ass Up
Fischerspooner – Emerge
(Weird Seven Nation Army Thing)
White Stripes – Seven Nation Army
(Another Weird Seven Nation Army Thing)
(Apache Beats)
Run Dmc – It’s Tricky
(Jukin’ Section)
Dan Le Sac Vs Scroobius Pip – Thou Shalt Always Kill (Acappella)
Kurtis Blow – The Breaks (Remix?)
Mad Donna – Ve O Zing
Human Resource – Dominator
New Order – Blue Monday
The Killers – Somebody Told Me (Acappella)
Ying Yang Twins Ft Pitbull – Shake
Digitalism – Zdarlight
Evermore – It’s Too Late (Remix?)
Hijack – Hijackin’ (Herve Remix)
Spank Rock – Put That Pussy On Me (Acappella)
Inoj & Ghost Town DJ – My Boo (At Night I Think Of You)
J.J. Fad – Supersonic
2 Live Crew – Sally That Girl
Debbie Deb – Lookout Weekend
Three 6 Mafia – Stay Fly
Justin Timberlake – What Goes Around…/…Comes Around
Fat Joe – Make It Rain (Remix)
Lil’ Jon & The Eastside Boyz – Throw It Up
Bloc Party – Banquet
Teddybears Ft Iggy Pop – Punkrocker
White Stripes – Blue Orchid
Hives – Because I Wanna
Presidents Of The Usa – Lump
Jay-Z – U Don’t Know
50 Cent – What Up Gangsta
Lil Jon – Snap Yo Fingers
Gorillaz – Clint Eastwood
Busta Rhymes – Break Ya Neck
Supercat Ft Notorious B.I.G., Puff Daddy, Third Eye – Dolly My Baby (Remix)
The Notorious Big – Big Poppa
Wu-Tang – Triumph
Kia Shine – Krispy
The Smiths – How Soon Is Now
Eric B & Rakim – Paid In Full (beats)
The Misfits – Where Eagles Dare
Black Flag – Gimme Gimme Gimme
Tommy James & The Shondells – Crimson and Clover (plus beats?)

rip dj am

armand, a-trak, stretch and dj am

armand, a-trak, stretch and dj am

i first heard of dj am when i noticed a set of his on mike b’s blog a few years back. the blog post said something about how he had this bad rep, but that he killed it, week in, week out. i listened to the set with open ears, and to be honest i can still remember where i was when i heard certain sections of the mix. a lot of it was kitchen sink stuff, with banger after banger hitting my ears, but there were some absolute moments of genius – slowing down m.i.a.’s xr2 turbo to introduce the rocky theme, matching sections of let’s dance to the drummer’s beat with the rapture’s wayuh, and what really got me was the way played ying yang and pitbull’s shake over digitalism’s zdarlight. i hadn’t yet heard ayres’ blend of this track, so to hear those verses over that kind of beat blew my mind. a while later i mentioned this to my friends and they were talking about him as the guy from crazytown, who dated nicole richie. i don’t care who you date to be honest, if you have those kind of skills, you’re good in my book. it seems to me that european djs get to play to crowds who come to hear dance music, but u.s. djs, like am, have to go flit between everything – top 40, rap, club, everything – and because of that, us europeans seem to mock them, which i think is ridiculous. trying to keep a dancefloor happy playing simple 4/4 all night doesn’t take that much. fitting everything in, and keeping a much more diverse crowd happy? that’s skill. so because of my own viewpoint, when i interviewed a-trak last year i decided to get his opinion on dude. it didn’t make the interview, but this is what he said.

AM is a good DJ and what’s cool with AM for me, I’m from the scratch world originally, and when I started getting more club gigs I had to tone down on the scratch stuff, cause these crowds they go out and want to dance and buy a bottle or whatever they don’t really want to hear scratching. AM does these shows, again for this upscale crowd, and does blends, and plays cool records that we also like and scratches the whole night, and he does it well, so he still gets the bookings, and as a consequence of that these audiences get accustomed to hearing that, and that’s cool cause it opens doors for me.

last year he was in that tragic plane crash, and was lucky to be alive. the outpouring of sympathy from the american dj community really showed how treasured and respected he really was, both as a dj and as a person. but he pulled through, and i remember seeing a picture of him behind the decks, shaking hands with jay-z. how good must life have felt at that moment. just last week i saw him tweet about throwing a pitch at a mets game: “Off to Citi FIELD to throw out the 1st pitch at the Mets game! Ho-lee shiz I’m nervous. How the F does a DJ get this honor? Thank you G0D!”. so i was deeply shocked this morning when the first text i got “Wow dj am has been found dead.” even just looking at my twitter feed from the last eight hours, it’s clear that everyone’s in shock, and that he will be seriously missed. on one level i’m mad i never got to see him play, but on another i know that i’m lucky enough even to have heard what he did through some crappy headphones thousands of miles away. rip dj am.

ps. i can’t find the mix i’m talking about, but if you go to mike b’s blog he still has a couple of hours of am going against himself and jfk from mstrkrft from banana split’s second birthday party last year. also, check out the mad decent tribute.

death of all wack club music


dj tameil ain’t happy. peep the words from ya man himself:

This is a cd dedicated to all these lil’ disrepectful ass so-called producers in Jersey who have asked nor recieved blessings from the Originals in this Baltimore Club Music game. If I paid my dues over years and made it my business to form relationships and gain acceptance from those before me & those who made it possible for me & allowed me to bring this style back to Jersey and create a sub-genre branded thru me.. “Brick City Club Music”, what they hell makes these dudes think they can just do what the hell they wanna do without asking anyone’s permission and self-proclaim themselves “kings” of Brick City or Jersey Club Music without first having a history lesson or paying respect to those who make it possible for all of this? To make it plain and simple… I’m no longer keeping my mouth shut….. time to destroy!

with that in mind…

Dj TaMeiL – D.O.A. (Death of All Wack Club Music)

bass hungry boys


so this is a weird one… i came across these two marvellous tracks from the mysterious pacific steppaz, who’ve already received support from the likes of mumdance. much as i’d love to write, at length, about their tribal beats, choral breakdowns and ominous spoken-word samples, i think it’s better that you just read this…

From a small Island in the South Pacific called Vanuatu come two sonic missionaries pioneering a whole new bass sound.

John Regis & Thony B combined are the Pacific Steppaz. Born and raised in the Remote South pacific archipelago of Vanuatu they became fans of Uk Garage when a pair of British backpackers where stranded there for several days due to bad weather conditions. It was at some point during the late 1990’s and the only entertainment they had brought with them was a CD player and a “best of Speed Garage” compilation. The music immediately had an effect on the Steppaz and they would sit until long past sunset listening to the funky 2 step sounds through the thin bamboo walls of an island guesthouse.

As the weather cleared, the traveller’s moved on to other destinations… Precisely one CD lighter. Their love of the emerging garage sound didn’t go unnoticed and the backpackers (who’s names have been lost in the mists of time) offered the CD as a present to the wide eyed and bass hungry boys.

Since then their appetite has only increased as they desperately tried to get their hands on everything that came out of the UK up until last year when they finally saved enough money for a basic PC and some cracked pirate software and began trying their hands at their own musical productions.

The “Pacific Step” sound combines strong influences of UK Bass music from Garage though to Charlie Brown’s teacher but also keeping a strong connection to traditional music from their native islands, giving them a unique sound that can only be Pacific Steppaz. The two contrasting tracks you have here are “Pacific Steppaz” their theme track and the first track they completed, the Melanesian choir sample gives it a spiritual edge that is a very important aspect of these naturally shy and innocent people’s lives.

The second track “Gerrard ll. (Sat In Silence)” has a darker feel echoing the island’s chaotic volcanic past and definitely gives the listener the idea that Island life isn’t always about sun and fun.

Pacific Steppaz – Pacific Steppaz
Pacific Steppaz – Gerrard ll. (Sat In Silence)

hurting no one


it’s funny how these things work backwards. when i was on a school tour in greece in 2001, i picked up this single, mainly for the remixes by futureshock and bedrock. but it was the crazy live version of rez/cowgirl at the end of the disc which thrilled and excited me in equal measure. a few months later, on another school trip, i discovered the live album from which this track came, everything, everything. i remember someone making daft hand gestures in time with the violent synths of push upstairs, and i remember being utterly bewildered by the vocal acrobatics coming from karl hyde’s mouth. whatever about on record, his incoherent ramblings seemed impossible to recreate live, but he did it. check the manic breakdown in the middle of king of snake, or the infamous “lager lager” section of born slippy. never having seen them live, it was an exhilarating listen, and almost made up for this gap in my experience. when they played electric picnic last year, i unfortunately missed most of their set (clashes and bar queues can be a curse), but i arrived just as they were kicking into cowgirl, which was the track i was most desperate to see. watching this video several days later almost brought tears to my eyes, beautiful as it was. while some festival shows can be a bit drab and underwhelming, often leading to massive disappointment, the atmosphere in the air at this performance was, quite simply, electric. just watch this.

what really brought this album back to my attention was the lights display at transmission last week, as they featured a series of giant, pixellated green squares. what else could they be? i even mentioned it to a few other people who all saw what i saw. so many artists are turning their hands to live shows these days, and it’s rare that they can pull it off. if they all had a listen to this album, maybe they’d have a better idea of what they should be doing. six years after i first discovered this collection, it still excites me more than most live shows. either most live shows really suck, or this album really rocks. i’ll let you decide.

Underworld – Shudder/King of Snake
Underworld – Rez/Cowgirl

hot mess!


the latest mixmag podcast just went up today, it’s got some great tunes and an interview with a-trak. it’s a bit sloppy, but worth a listen all the same. check the great michel cleis remix of river ocean’s love and happiness, as well as the embarrassing diddy impression. also – duck sauce (armand and a-trak, if you didn’t know it already) have mixed the next mixmag cover cd. holla!

Mixmag Podcast No. 14

funky thursday


i wrote about this bobby analog guy a few months ago, when a mix of his was played on bbc northern ireland. his tracks have also featured in a few of my top 10s – so you know he’s good. his latest work is an hour of late 90s-inspired house music – featuring people like czr, le knight club, buffalo bunch and bob sinclair – as well as the best of the recent crop of producers in that vein, like laberge, hervé‘s voodoo chilli alias and, of course, bobby himself. enjoy.

Bobby Analog – Tour De Musique

MyKill – Love Story
Voodoo Chilli – Get Down
CZR – Southside Chicago
Daft Punk – Harder Better Faster Stronger (Jess & Crabbe Remix)
Buffalo Bunch – T.I.T.T.S
Yazoo – Don’t Go (Todd Terry Remix)
Bobby Analog – I Want You
Earth Wind & Fire – September (Phats & Small Disco Remix)
Laberge – Before You Know
Sound Stream – Freakin’
Bob Sinclar – Gym Tonic
Daft Punk – High Life
Wize – Exhabition (Dynamic Rockers Remix)
Bobby Analog – P.A.R.T.Y (Unfinished Teaser)
The Phantoms Revenge – Absolute Ego Riot

now put your hands on your waistline


another great dj who’s coming to stradbally next week (next week!) is duke dumont. he’s been making big noise for a few years now, with two epic releases on great labels (the regality ep on turbo and the dominion dubs ep on dubsided), as well as melting the collective consciousness of the blogosphere with simply mind-blowing remixes. lily allen, bat for lashes, late of the pier and mystery jets have all been transformed at his hands, and his work has made that of many a dj that much easier (the latter even made if onto james lavelle’s recent global underground mix, a seal of approval it hardly needed yet thoroughly deserves). he’s no one trick pony either. as a dj he’s pretty darned impressive too. case in point is this live mix from fabric, which surfaced on bodytonic last year.

BodytonicLive 05 : Duke Dumont

voices whine

another night, another preview. i saw judd apatow’s funny people tonight. it’s long. it’s not entirely unfunny, but boy it drags. one of the least funny moments is when seth rogen asks a girl if she wants to attend a wilco concert. then he says “i guess we wil-go to the show…” later, he wears this tee, which is kind of cool.


when they eventually watch wilco play, you can hear them play jesus etc – though you don’t actually see the band. rogen appears to be wearing a red uncle tupelo tee, so you know his character is an old school fan. nice. anyway all of this reminds me i won’t be seeing wilco this week, which really sucks. their two shows at vicar street in november 2007 were two of my favourite ever gigs. check out this live version of jesus, etc. from 2005’s kicking television: live in chicago. it’s funny, yankee hotel foxtrot is probably my favourite album of theirs, yet i think some of the songs from that album don’t really work in a live context. it all gets a little too messy outside of the studio. but this is not one of those songs.

another of my favourites is from 2007’s sky blue sky, which i first heard at lollapalooza in 2006. it really is a joy to hear impossible germany live, as nels cline solos his way through as only a guitarist of his calibre can. i was lucky enough to get this recording of the song played from the now-defunct rbally blog, recorded at the pines theatre in massachusetts way back in july 2006. i hope you enjoy it as much as i do, and if you make either or both of the gigs this week, let me know how the new stuff sounds…

Wilco – Jesus, Etc. (live at The Vic Theatre, 2005)
Wilco – Impossible Germany (live at The Pines Theatre, 2006)