you can’t write that!

i have a few things in my google reader that i summarily ignore or skim over, but every now and then something jumps out at me. darragh mcmanus‘ piece from the guardian’s film blog on clichés in film writing. i have to laugh to myself at the term “empirespeak” – after several years of loyalty i gave up on empire last year, as it seemed to have become the fhm of film magazines. so guess what replaced it? well sight & sound, naturally. there is however one inclusion which i feel i should disagree with – trope. it’s a great word. fits in anywhere. we used to argue over its meaning and usage in critical and cultural theory seminars. then again, if empire have appropriated it for their own devilish means, i may just have to leave it behind. here are his dirty words.

1. Franchise
2. Helmer
3. Lenser
4. Narrative arc
5. First/second/third/last act
6. Toplining
7. Trope
8. Backstory
9. Darkly/blackly comic
10. Sophomore
11. Knuckle-gnawingly tense
12. Über


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