so the field day timetable is out. clashtastic. woohoo. well, as shock once said, “only shit festivals don’t have clashes.” true indeed. there’s a fancy pdf courtesy of drowned in sound, but see the full list, in order, and with my own personal clashes highlighted, after the jump.

12:00 First Aid Kit (Village Mentality)
12:00 Gaggle (Eat Your Own Ears)
12:05 Old Romantic Killer Band (Adventures In The Beetroot Field)
12:25 Psyche Milligan DJ (Adventures In The Beetroot Field)
12:30 Fanfarlo (Eat Your Own Ears)
12:30 Wild Geese (Bugged Out)
12:50 Jon Hopkins (Village Mentality)
12:50 King Charles(Adventures In The Beetroot Field)
13.00 Dave I.D (Blogger’s Delight)
13:30 Errors (Eat Your Own Ears)
13:40 Sian Alice Group (Adventures In The Beetroot Field)
14:00 No Pain In Pop DJs (Blogger’s Delight)
14:00 Wet Paint (Village Mentality)
14:10 Club Pony DJ (Adventures In The Beetroot Field)
14:30 Delphic (Bugged Out)
14:35 Plugs (Adventures In The Beetroot Field)
14:45 Final Fantasy (Eat Your Own Ears)
15:00 Aeroplane (Bugged Out)

15:00 Wood Pigeon (Village Mentality)
15:05 Devil Made Me Do It DJ (Adventures In The Beetroot Field)
15:30 Scum (Adventures In The Beetroot Field)
15:30 The Xx (Blogger’s Delight)
16:00 Stop Making Me DJ (Adventures In The Beetroot Field)
16:00 The Temper Trap (Eat Your Own Ears)
16:00 The Thing (Village Mentality)
16:00 Work It (Blogger’s Delight)
16:30 Fake Blood (Live) (Bugged Out)
16:30 Michachu & The Shapes (Adventures In The Beetroot Field)
17:00 Juana Molina (Village Mentality)
17:00 Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs (Blogger’s Delight)
17:15 The Horrors (Eat Your Own Ears)
17:30 Greco Roman Sound System (Blogger’s Delight)
17:45 Wild Beasts (Adventures In The Beetroot Field)
18:00 Little Boots (Bugged Out)
18:10 Mumford & Sons (Village Mentality)
18:15 Fennesz (Eat Your Own Ears)
18:30 Allez Allez DJ (Adventures In The Beetroot Field)
18:30 Drums Of Death (Blogger’s Delight)
18:45 Erol Alkan (Bugged Out)
19:00 Rusko (Blogger’s Delight)
19:00 Santigold (Eat Your Own Ears)
19:00 The Big Pink (Adventures In The Beetroot Field)
19:10 Malcolm Middleton (Village Mentality)
20:00 Casper C & Skull Juice (Blogger’s Delight)
20:00 Four Tet (Adventures In The Beetroot Field)
20:00 Skream (Eat Your Own Ears)
20:15 Twitch (Bugged Out)

20:20 James Yorkston (Village Mentality)
21:00 Crispin Dior DJ (Adventures In The Beetroot Field)
21:00 Mogwai (Eat Your Own Ears)
21:15 Audion (Live) (Bugged Out)
21:30 Mystery Jets (Adventures In The Beetroot Field)

21:40 Toumani Diabate (Village Mentality)


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