the guy in shades


tiga is a strange character. i love some of his tracks and remixes, his label is pretty awesome, and any time i’ve seen him dj i’ve had a great time. but some of his album tracks leave me cold and a little disappointed. don’t get me wrong, there are some fantastic tracks on sexor (pleasure from the bass, good as gold, 3 weeks) and ciao! (the opening four tracks) but the rest of it really is just filler i think. it’s sad. i remember the first time i heard sunglasses at night. it was haunting, robotic, and cool as hell. then tom middleton mashed it up against the timeless blue monday for his 2002 mix the sound of the cosmos. this particular bootleg was released on city rockers, and, though i can’t remember how or where, i picked up the mp3 some years back, and and now i share it with you.

Blue Sunglasses (The Tom Middleton Cosmos Re-Edit)


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