i feel nothing


i was given falling off the lavender bridge to review on my birthday last year, and it was not what i expected. out of nowhere came one of my favourite albums of the year. his was one of the standout performances for me at primavera (see above). then gorky of bonde do rolê did a crazy remix of galaxy of the lost that was nothing like the original but still kicked ass. and since then, there’s been nothing. till now. over on his website, lightspeed champion is giving away a new track called heavy purple. a dramatic intro leads into some sparse percussion, a delicate guitar solo and some mumbling from dev. it’s a dark song, and heavily reverbed warbling about feeling nothing lends to the ominous sounds that permeate. a spoken word outro wraps up the track with an even darker sense of foreboding. my guess is that he’s really been shaken by the financial crisis, watching what it’s done to his fellow man. that or he’s having bad dreams again.

Lightspeed Champion – Heavy Purple
Lightspeed Champion – Galaxy of The Lost (Bonde do Rolê Remix)


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