give me every little thing


i love it when i find, or start to use, something new on the internet. obviously whatever is i’ve “discovered” is nothing new, but it’s new to me. take the juan maclean‘s blog for example. i recently started following him on twitter, and today he mentioned something about his blog, so i checked it out. i found some great interviews he’s done, as well as some amusing tour-related anecdotes, such as sitting in front of a farty fat kid while watching star trek, and, urrr, this:

What really kept me occupied during our set, however, was this couple who were just off to stage right. The dude was probably in his 50’s. He was a bit hefty, not quite fat, but definately out of shape, and he was wearing sunglasses the entire time, some type of douche bag glasses with someone else’s name embroidered in gold on the sides. He was sitting on the stage the entire time while his, ah, ‘girlfriend’ danced around him seductively, feeding him drinks, rubbing his head, gazing into his eyes, given him lap dances. This chick was probably in her early twenties, looked like she hit the gym every day, breast implants, tan, etc. She was wearing a really skimply dresss. When we played Give Me Every Little Thing, she would mouth the chorus while hugging his head to her bosom, and mouth the words to me, winking at me in the process. I was quite confused. How could such a rich, ugly, out of shape jackass like this guy get with this young girl? How could she be that into him? Big questions, I really don’t have any answers, but such is life.

right then… that’s…. weird. anyway the other thing that’s rocking my world right now is spotify. i got it a few months ago but didn’t really think much of it – i have all the music i could ever need on cd/vinyl/mp3 etc so what use is this? well i’m going to field day next week and there are plenty of acts whose music i don’t know, so this handy tool allows me to make a playlist of pretty much everything each of these artists has ever done. except for the really new/obscure ones. but still – it’s providing me with a hefty amount of tunes for my preparation. it’s also allowed me to listen to juan’s less than human for the first time. result. more on field day in the run up to the event. here’s a remix:

Dominique Young Unique Vs Perfect Loosers – Hot Girl


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