festivals are go


so i’m not going to oxegen. i thought last year i completely overdid it gigs-wise so was a bit less appreciative of the good performances. this year my attendance at shows has been more modest, but i’ve been less disappointed. anyway, i don’t really have the money for oxegen right now and i’m working tomorrow anyway so there’s the rub! if i was going, however, this is who i’d probably try and go see (clashes permitting):

swedish house mafia
aeroplane (dj set)

yeah yeah yeahs
horse meat disco
my home peoples soundcheck

lady gaga (if i’m there i might as well go see someone i wouldn’t pay to see)
calvin harris
nine inch nails
katy perry (see above)

as i look at that list, i’m really straining to see the value in spending triple digits for all of that. i mean if you add up how much it would cost to see them individually it makes sense i guess, but when you consider the price of festivals like primavera, pukkelpop or any other european festival, it seems a bit daft. that’s ireland i guess. all of this is nothing new, but alas there doesn’t seem to be much we can do about it. i won’t be going to pukkelpop either this year, which is pretty heartbreaking as the lineup is beyond stellar.


3 responses to “festivals are go

  1. katy perry is playing? amazing

  2. Have to say I think the line-up is unreal, but I just could not be fucked dealing with Oxegen crowds and organisation.

    If I lived nearer, I’d say I’d actually commute, or at least go for a day.

  3. Stress of going like. I hear you brother.

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